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Lucky Colors in the Horse Year

Jan 31 2014 - Feb 18 2015
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Lucky Numbers, Colors, Symbols in the Year of the Horse Lucky Colors in the Year of the Yang Wood Horse

Maximize your luck in the fabulous Year of the Horse! Dynamic use of color for fashion or home decor can enhance the flow of energy, influence emotion and mood, inspire pleasure and vitality, attract good vibrations, expand awareness and bring sweet dreams. Here are some of the significant colors this year.
green lucky color  Green is the dominant color of the Wood Horse, and can be used liberally. Emotionally positive, this color is one of nature, growth, fertility, optimism and balance. Green calms and refreshes the mind, and is spiritually nourishing in the fast-paced Horse Year. It's also the color of money.

red lucky color  Red corresponds to Fire, the Horse's fixed element. Use with caution! Bring red into play if you're lacking in motivation or need an extra burst of energy to achieve your desires. In a fortunate area of your home or workplace, it can magnify good Qi. It's also the color of passion and love.

Red is lucky in the center or "heart" of a room or building this year, and in the south-east, but can be disastrous in some other locations.
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yellow lucky color  Yellow is another influential color this year, enhancing personal warmth and positive energy. It can be empowering and healing for people who are shy, socially insecure or easily depressed, but is lucky for everyone. If you're light-skinned, avoid too much yellow near your face as it can make you look jaundiced; otherwise, use this color liberally. Representing solar power and vitality, yellow is less aggressive than red, or fire. It's a color of optimism, happiness and generosity.
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black lucky color  Black is the Feng Shui elemental color of Water, helping nourish green elements and mitigate the Horse's fiery temperament. It's also a color of wealth, prosperity, sophistication, mystery, depths of strength and power.

blue lucky color  Blue is calming to the mind and balances red. It's a color of dreams, truth, intuition and imagination. Blue is very lucky in the north-east area of your home or workplace this year. Blue-green colors like aquamarine can also bring beneficial Water energy into your home or personal space.

Too much black or blue can put out the Horse's fire and lead to depression or ennui this year, so you may need to experiment with these colors.

purple lucky color  Purple is a dynamic power color, in keeping with the vitality and vigor of the Horse. It symbolizes nobility, mastery or dominion, good judgment, spiritual richness and material wealth. Purple corresponds to the Crown Chakra and higher consciousness, as well as mysticism and magic. The color magenta is a perfect balance of true blue and pure red.

brown lucky color  Brown can be grounding in the tempestuous Horse year, but use with caution. The color of conventionality and modesty, brown is also associated with poverty. Don't dismiss this color completely, as brownish earth tones such as yellow ocher or iron oxide red can help channel Horse power and stabilize rampant energy.

These colors are a fairly broad guideline. Some will work better for you than others at various times during the year. Your lunar or sun sign, personality and environment can also influence the way certain colors affect you. If you really like a color not listed here, don't hesitate to use it, as it can reflect your positive energy and bring you personal luck.

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