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Year of the

Yang Green Wood Horse

Jan 31 2014 - Feb 18 2015

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Aquarius Water Bearer

Aquarius Zodiac Sign in the Year of the Horse Aquarius in the Year of the Horse

ATTENTION! This horoscope year is over Feb 18 2015. Please see: Aquarius in the Year of the Yin Wood Sheep 2015-16. Remember to adjust your bookmarks - also, this page will redirect after the first week of Feb. Thanks and have a happy day happy

The Year of the Horse sparkles with progress and forward motion, and Aquarius can have a busy but exciting year. Inspiration and romance shine all around you, and past problems are left behind in a blaze of action and achievement. Your Air element stimulates and motivates, and your natural leadership talents come to the fore. You're on a path of growth and self-awareness, and you can enjoy positive developments in both the practical and ethereal aspects of life.

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This is a time to take charge of your destiny, face your inner demons, make positive changes and do the things you've always wanted to do, but have been putting off. Plans spring into action, personal limits are overcome and small successes burgeon into much greater ones.

Your corresponding Eastern sign is the Tiger, fortunate in a Horse year but also ambitious and fierce. Tiger is Yang, the Sun and Light, inspiring grand ideas and a courageous heart.

Passions can escalate, and inner conflicts could arise. At times you may feel a duality of purpose, as separate energies come together like twin flames in a ceaseless drive for dominance, not as forces of destruction but in a powerful dance of creation.

The number eight (8) can be especially lucky for you this year. Eight brings solid progress, higher aspirations and realization of goals and desires. This number is fortunate for wealth, and can also help you ascend through levels of personal development.

Lucky Stars Aquarius Facts & Symbols Facts Trivia

Ruling Element: Air
Quality: Fixed
Lucky / Influential Numbers: 1, 7, 8
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Flower: Orchid, Mimosa
Ruling Planets: Saturn, Uranus
  Eleventh (House of Friendships)
Phrase/Motto: "I Know"
Body Parts Ruled:
  calves, shins, ankles, circulatory system
Corresponding Eastern Sign: Tiger
Polarity: Yang
Native American Birth Totem: Otter

This year you can travel with ease into unexplored dimensions, both physical and spiritual. Your realm of influence expands and your personal power is on the rise. The thrill of adventure and discovery is in the air. You acquire new knowledge, and meet people who can help you on your life's journey.

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Beware of fussing over details. Keep a broad perspective and maintain your sense of humor. The Horse's fixed element is Fire. This is a Yang Wood year, and your Air element augments the flames.

Your drive for progress and visionary nature can put you far ahead of the crowd. Recognition and accolade come your way, and despite a few hurdles, your path is bright with success.

Aquarius Love in the Year of the Horse Aquarius Love

Love is full of fire and passion this year, for better or worse. Romance and fantasy abound. Your sensual charisma is brilliant, and new admirers are drawn to your light.

It's a happy time for love, but can also generate some confusion. Jealousy can cause problems, and a partner who is less than supportive can drag you down. You need your personal freedom; at the same time, outside interests can interfere with home life or relationships.

Social activity picks up, and you're often in the spotlight. If you're single, you can be an object of infatuation for some, but true love could appear this year as well. Trust your intuition and beware of those who play head games or who operate on selfish motives. The single Aquarius can be faced with conflicting options, and some natives of this sign may not be ready for a commitment until later in the year.

Relationships are put to the test, and the strong will survive. Passions can run deep. Self-centered thinking or control issues in a partnership could be the knell of doom, as arguments and bickering can arise from petty incidents.

Communication problems can coincide with Mercury retrograde in early spring of 2014 and 2015. The Wood Horse year is a time of strong unions where partners can work together beautifully, but also one of breakups if a couple's goals or desires are at odds.

Sex is brilliant and creative, as Aquarius is a passionate lover with a multi-faceted sensuality and vivid imagination. You don't like to be pegged down like a butterfly in a collection, and can quickly flit away if you feel stifled or restricted. You're romantic by nature but it can take some time for you to be secure enough in a relationship to make a lasting emotional commitment. When you do, you have a delightful inner world of beauty and love to share.

If you're seeking your soulmate, this person could enter your gravitational sphere at a place of meeting or gathering such as a business occasion, house party, community event, educational lecture or volunteer function. There's a mystery involved or a puzzle to be solved.

Best months for love: March, April, December, January 2015
Worst months for love: June, July

Aquarius Money in the Year of the Horse Aquarius Money

Money matters can be fortunate for you this year, as you make strong advances in work or career. More than one lucrative offer or proposal comes your way. Travel for business or pleasure opens new doors, but expenses can mount due to unforeseen circumstances. You're wise to refrain from lavish gift-giving or unnecessary purchases. You could get extra money this year from creative endeavors, gifts or donations, a business venture or a prize win. While you can have some success in the lottery or games of chance, money comes largely through your own work.

Professionally, you could make some major changes this year, as paths of new and better progress appear. Your sense of timing is remarkable, and you're able to make the most of unexpected opportunities as they arise.

Entrepreneurship can return happy rewards for you. You're a multi-level thinker, and you have both the drive and the mental agility to overcome problems quickly and efficiently.

Others may have difficulty understanding your vision or your motivation, and you may have to make some compromises or re-establish your sense of grounding. Work-related challenges this year can ultimately put you in a better position personally or financially.

Business problems can arise due to money concerns or differing points of view in partnerships and client relationships. You have a keen understanding of human nature, and you know the value of customer service. Your upbeat charm and your willingness to do what it takes to make people happy can have fruitful results, but you're no pushover. If you sense that someone is taking advantage of you, sparks will fly.
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Be careful not to take on too many projects or expand too quickly. Be sure your foundation is solid before moving ahead. Elements of Earth or Water can help stabilize your progress, channel the Horse's rampant energy and attract opportunities for long-term prosperity and abundance. The precious metal silver can enhance your money luck this year. Elements of fire or red objects in the southwest of your home or workplace can improve the flow of fortunate wealth Qi.

Best months for money: March, June, November, December
Worst months for money: February, January 2015

Aquarius Health in the Year of the Horse Aquarius Health & Happiness

Overwork is a big problem in the Year of the Horse. You're always thinking ahead and can neglect your own needs for the sake of the greater good. You may be prone to bouts of fatigue, depression or insomnia if your pace is very active and you compromise on sleep quality or nutrition.

Water can have revitalizing and healing effects this year. Watch out for dehydration, which can affect your mental state as well as your body, causing burnout and negative thinking. Elements of fresh flowing water in your environment, such as fountains or streams, can benefit your overall health and peace of mind. Conversely, too much humidity in the air, or stagnant water, can drown your inner optimist and bog you down emotionally.

Watch out for injuries to the hands, face, neck and shoulders. Balance can tip suddenly, so be careful on slippery or uneven surfaces. Aqua fitness, judo, music or archery can help optimize your focus and natural grace. Physical exercise is important this year, and activities such as competitive sports, nature hiking, kayaking, sailing or figure skating can be beneficial for you.

Bold colors can inspire and motivate, while earth tones can enhance your grounding. Bright red in the center of your home is lucky for love, intellectual achievement and family harmony. The best colors for health and happiness this year include ruby red, scarlet (in moderation), pastel pink, soft yellow, sky blue, sea blue, navy blue, grass green and emerald green.

Best months for health: May, June, September, October
Worst months for health: April, August

Aquarius planets  Planets in Aquarius this Year

  • Jan 11 2014 - Jan 31 2014: Mercury (communication, expression, intellect, commerce)
  • Feb 13 2014 - March 17 2014: Mercury - in retrograde until Feb 28 (problems: communication, technology, money)
  • March 5 2014 - April 5 2014: Venus (love, beauty, truth, grace)
  • Dec 4 2014 - Jan 12 2015: Mars (power, sexual vigor, ambition, motivation)
  • Jan 3 2015 - Jan 27 2015: Venus
  • Jan 5 2015 - March 13 2015: Mercury - in retrograde Jan 21 - Feb 11 2015
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