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Aries Zodiac Mug

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Aries Lucky Stars

Aries the Ram

Year of the

Yang Green Wood Horse

Jan 31 2014 - Feb 18 2015

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Aries 2014
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Aries Ram

Aries Zodiac Sign in the Year of the Horse Aries in the Year of the Horse

ATTENTION! This horoscope year is over Feb 18 2015. Please see: Aries in the Year of the Yin Wood Sheep 2015-16. Remember to adjust your bookmarks - also, this page will redirect after the first week of Feb. Thanks and have a happy day happy

The Year of the Horse sparkles with victory and achievement, and Aries is well equipped to make the most of it. Your forward-thinking nature and penchant for action can take you into bold new territory and attract bright opportunities for discovery and growth. You can make great progress this year in business and academia, as your spirit shines with the radiant solar power of the Horse. Romance and friendships flourish, imagination thrives and magic is in the air.

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This is a time when ambition pays off and confident action puts the odds in your favor. Your element is Fire, which is also the fixed element of the Horse. Since this is a Wood year, passions can run wild as fiery elemental energy consumes and creates, drives and motivates and gives you the power to overcome even the most daunting of challenges.

In the Eastern zodiac, Aries corresponds to the Dragon, which has a fixed element of Wood and contains more than a little Fire. Yang energy dominates, compounded by the influence of your ruling planet, Mars. 2014 can be an intense year, but it can also take you farther than you've ever gone before.

The number seven (7) is influential for you this year, inspiring exploration and adventure, originality and self-awareness. A "magic" number, seven is lucky for esoteric development and mastery of new skills. Seven may also cause complications, as the vibrations of this number can provoke obsessive thinking, control issues, or lack of empathy with others.

Aries Stars Aries Facts & Symbols Aries Stars

Ruling Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal
Lucky / Influential Numbers: 1, 7, 9
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Flower: Honeysuckle, Sweet Pea
Ruling Planet: Mars
  First (House of Self)
Phrase/Motto: "I Am"
Body Parts Ruled:
  head, eyes, brain, muscles, metabolism
Corresponding Eastern Sign: Dragon
Polarity: Yang
Native American Birth Totem: Falcon / Hawk

Be careful to pace yourself. Beware of excess commitments, overwork and mood swings. Watch out for physical and spiritual dehydration. An overloaded schedule or excess incoming stimuli can burn you out or antagonize your inner rebel, leading to apathy or sabotage. Emotional upsets may coincide with the activities of Uranus, which squares Pluto in April and December.

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Be sure to balance Fire with Water, and take time to relax and enjoy the moment. Fire destroys but can also nurture the seeds of new growth and creation. There are times you may need to destroy old habits or modes of thinking, and get down to basics to define your most lucrative path of progress.

Aries Love in the Year of the Horse Aries Love

Love comes naturally in the Year of the Horse, and intimate pleasures abound. Stability may be difficult, as changes both good and bad can happen without warning. Relationships that develop this year can be tempestuous, but if you can weather the occasional storm, you'll find that communication improves, and emotions and trouble spots become smoother as time goes on.

Aries is caring and faithful in love, and relationship problems are more likely to arise due to clashes of will or pride. An insecure partner can stifle relationship growth, but where two work as complimentary or unified energies, partnerships flourish and bring lasting joy. Sex and intimacy can be rich and passionate as the Horse inspires fantasy and creativity, and increases stamina in the bedroom.

If you're single, the time is right for romance and stimulating sensual encounters. The Ram has a dazzling sex appeal and is also an entertaining conversationalist, full of interesting stories and ideas. Your strong sense of ethics inspires the trust and devotion of others. Your path takes you into unexplored dimensions and your social circle widens. Limits and inhibitions fade and an open-minded atmosphere prevails. It's a year for meeting people, creating new friendships and following the passions of the heart.

If you're seeking your soulmate, this person could enter your astral sphere at a sporting event, concert or theater performance, community dance, a shopping mall or other area vibrant with activity. There is a bridge or barrier to be crossed. Your soulmate will notice your upbeat energy and engaging smile, as you stand out in a crowd even if you're in the background.

Best months for love: May, June, September; January 2015
Worst months for love: March, November

Aries Money in the Year of the Horse Aries Money

Money comes your way this year, as past work pays off, promotion or recognition comes your way, and new financial paths appear. Your wealth could increase due to a legal settlement, a gift, prize win or work-related changes. This is a year of action rather than strategy. You have a keen eye for opportunity and are not afraid to take a risk, but beware of giving out more than you get back.

Financial security is unstable in the flamboyant Year of the Horse, and the balance can easily tip. Avoid tying up all your funds in one project or idea. Spending could increase in the areas of home, education or travel.

You have a generous heart but beware of spending too much on others. If you loan or borrow money this year, be sure the terms are clearly set. In matters of finance, common sense rules the day. Fortunately you're blessed with a strong pragmatic streak where money is concerned, and your capacity for focus and forward motion can help you recover quickly from the occasional setback.

If you're considering a change to your job or career path, now is the time to make your move, as fiery Horse energy brings positive directional shifts and a bold sense of vision. Inspiration sparkles around you, creativity flourishes and perseverance gets the prize.

As an entrepreneur, you're a boon to your business whether a sole proprietor or partner. Business partnerships can be strong on grounds of mutual respect, but minor disagreements or power struggles could erupt this year. All parties must be willing to work for the greater good.
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Passions will flare, and this energy can be productive or destructive. Aries can succeed in almost any endeavor but may suffer from depression or lack of motivation in work that fails to satisfy the Ram's desire for achievement. Mundane or repetitive tasks can drive you insane.

The color black is fortunate for prosperity. Red objects or decor in the south-east or Wealth area of your home can dispel unfriendly energies and increase the flow of money luck. Don't place your money frog here, due to an inauspicious flying star which could reverse your fortunes. South is a better location. A horseshoe charm or symbol can also help attract positive wealth Qi to improve your finances this year.

Best months for money: March, April, October
Worst months for money: July, August

Aries Health in the Year of the Horse Aries Health & Happiness

The Horse year is a healthy one overall, as brilliant Yang energy prevails. It's important to drink plenty of water, especially if you're going at a hectic pace. Avoid overuse of stimulants. Natural and organic foods can fortify your immune system and increase your energy. Try to eat regularly even when you're busy, as proper nutritional intake is vital to stabilize rampant emotions and prevent crash-and-burn.

Your mental health can be a concern, as you could be more prone to frustration, ill temper, obsession or racing thoughts. Beware of excess emotional burdens, which can keep you from achieving your full potential. Blockage of the Third Eye Chakra can affect your ability to make wise decisions.

Meditation, music and rhythm, color therapy or t'ai chi can enhance your creativity, stimulate your metabolism and benefit your overall mental and physical health. Competitive sports such as football, polo or rugby can help release trapped internal energy.

Beware of injuries to the head, eyes and mouth. Dental problems could affect your general physical health. Medicinal charms such as a Wu-lou gourd can invite fortunate healing energy into your home and counteract illness Qi, especially in the east and southeast. Lucky colors for health and happiness this year include gold, yellow, warm greens, ruby red, peach, cream, black, azure and baby blue.

Best months for health: June, October, December
Worst months for health: February, August

Aries planets  Planets in Aries this Year

  • Until May 2018: Uranus (independence, awakening, sudden turns, science, self-expression, rebellion)
  • April 7 2014 - April 23 2014: Mercury (communication, expression, intellect, commerce)
  • May 3 2014 - May 29 2014: Venus (love, beauty, truth, grace)
  • July 22 2014 - Dec 21 2014: Uranus retrograde (revolution, change, facing fears, self-analysis)
  • Feb 20 2015 - March 17 2015: Venus
  • Feb 20 2015 - March 31 2015: Mars (power, sexual vigor, ambition, motivation)
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