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Armadillo Animal Spirit Guide

Spirit of Armadillo

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Spirit of Armadillo The Spirit of Armadillo brings gifts of protection, resilience, and the ability to define and broaden the limits of your comfort zone. Armadillo energy provides a shield against danger and protects from emotional harm.
The Armadillo is a sign of territorial expansion, and this animal spirit invites you to discover and explore. Armadillo helps you push personal boundaries and learn more about the world around you, giving you potent defenses against negativity, increasing your personal power in times when you may feel vulnerable.
The Armadillo is associated with music and is lucky for musicians. In some regions of the Andes, Armadillo shells are used to make traditional lutes or charangos.

The Spirit of Armadillo can represent fulfillment of desires; but, it may be necessary to make a personal sacrifice to achieve your dreams. Beware of giving more than you are comfortable with.
Armadillo Animal Spirit
Armadillo Spirit Guide

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Armadillo encourages you to let go of worries and look on the bright side of life. Strongly linked to the element Earth, this animal is a prolific digger. Armadillo can show you hidden treasures and secrets of the Earth, and asks you to make good use of the resources all around you.

Armadillos also relate to Water, which represents the subconscious and wealth. The nine-banded armadillo in particular is fond of digging burrows near streams and creeks, where soil is moist and there are plenty of grubs and other tasty morsels. An excellent swimmer, an armadillo stays buoyant by inflating its stomach; and, it can remain underwater for up to six minutes.

Protected by thick body armor, an armadillo can curl up defensively or run into thorny underbrush to escape a threat. If startled, armadillos will jump reflexively 3-4 feet (0.9-1.2 m) straight into the air. On roads, this startle reflex causes them to hit the undersides of vehicles, often with tragic results.

The Armadillo asks you to use your natural defenses with discretion. Beware of impulse, over-reaction, withdrawal or taking things personally. Take pleasure in life and let go of emotional limits or restrictions that may be self-defeating.

Keywords: Protection, Reaction, Resilience, Emotional Shielding, Boundaries, Defenses, Music, Discovery, Exploration, Friendship, Surprise, Sacrifice, Setting or Testing Limits.

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