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Dove Animal Spirit Guide

Spirit of Dove

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Spirit of Dove The Spirit of Dove ascends with power and grace, bringing gifts of peace, beauty, faith and truth. A spiritual messenger, the Dove is also a symbol of romance, friendship, hope and magical protection.
Doves mate for life. The Dove blesses romantic relationships with loyalty, longevity and deep bonds of intimacy. Dove energy enhances feelings of trust and can restore tranquility to troubled souls. If you're lonely, the appearance of this Spirit means that happiness is soon to come.

The Dove emphasizes gentler virtues, grace, divinity, the magic of angels and spiritual guardianship. The Spirit of Dove is one of harmony, balance and purity of heart.

Although an envoy of peace, the Dove embodies great strength and courage. This Spirit invites you to follow the path of the mystic warrior, with wisdom as your sword, and faith as your shield.

Dove is sacred to a number of love and fertility goddesses including Aphrodite (Greek), Venus (Roman), Atargatis (Syrian), Inanna (Sumerian) and Ishtar (Babylonian). The latter two are also feminine deities of war.
Spirit of Dove
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Dove symbolizes victory in a challenge, test or trial. Meditating on this Spirit can help you determine the best direction or course of action to take. Dove can carry messages across boundaries of time and space.

A gregarious bird, the Dove relates to family, community and society. Dove energy can bring unity and harmony in the home and workplace. This spirit facilitates communication and promotes feelings of goodwill.

The Dove is a symbol of marriage and an auspicious sign for the future in all aspects of life, but can also bring some warnings. Beware of trying to make everyone happy, or being too placid or trusting. Watch out for mixed messages or miscommunication.

You may be at a spiritual crossroad; or, you may need to take some time to contemplate your direction in life. Avoid acts of haste or impulse. Let serendipity be your guide, and trust in the power of Love.

Keywords: Peace, Truth, Beauty, Grace, Hope, Love, Romance, Intimacy, Courage, Strength, Protection, Communication, Friendship, Art, Balance, Longevity, Purity.

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