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Dragonfly Animal Spirit Guide

Spirit of Dragonfly

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Spirit of Dragonfly The Spirit of Dragonfly lifts you aloft with agility and speed. A creature of Sun, Air and Water, the Dragonfly embodies celebration, metamorphosis, intellectual acuity, emotional or spiritual growth and development.
The ancient Spirit of Dragonfly invites you to rise up and dance in the warm rays of the Sun. Indulge in a personal pleasure and nurture the positive. The Dragonfly symbolizes courage, strength and happiness, and brings bright blessings for the future.

Although the scintillating Dragonfly embodies the power of the Sun, it spends most of its life underwater as a wingless nymph, thus also linked to the subconscious. Dragonfly energy inspires metamorphosis and transformation. Dragonfly also relates to the element Air, academic or cerebral pursuits.

Dragonflies can see colors that humans and other animals cannot, particularly in the ultraviolet range. This Spirit offers illumination and insight, and a keen sense of vision for the future. Dragonfly magic attracts bold opportunities and opens up new paths of progress. The Dragonfly is lucky for business, career and money.
Spirit of Dragonfly
Dragonfly Animal Spirit

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This dynamic insect awakens your warrior spirit. Small is beautiful, but also powerful. A voracious predator, Dragonfly can help you target the things you want with swiftness and precision. You can move in many directions with ease. This spirit favors decisive action and progressive motion to help you transition fluidly through life stages, or reach important goals.

The Dragonfly can warn of obsessive thinking, perfectionism, rumors or false information. Beware of scattered thinking or lack of direction. You may need to take some time to identify your priorities. Don't let fear or uncertainty stop you from achieving your dreams.

Keywords: Solar Power, Celebration, Good Luck, Transformation, Metamorphosis, Illumination, Problem-Solving, Warrior Spirit, Achievement, Success, Subconscious, Intuition.

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