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Hare Animal Spirit Guide

Spirit of Hare

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Spirit of Hare The Spirit of Hare beckons you down a mysterious path. Sacred to the Moon, the Hare embodies intuition, transformation, adaptability and secret knowledge. The Hare can also symbolize inspiration and/or lunacy.
The Hare travels swiftly between spirit realms, changing shape as need arises. Hare's limber grace lets you move safely in strange or chaotic environments, and through different social or spiritual realms, gaining valuable insight and wisdom from each one.

The Spirit of Hare can indicate a leap of faith or a lucky coincidence. Serendipity is working in your favor. Intuition and feelings are usually accurate. Ideas formed under Hare energy may seem crazy to those who lack the same scope of vision.

A sign of fertility and abundance, the Hare relates to the March Equinox. In Britain and Germany, it's associated with Eostre or Ostara, a goddess of spring and the dawn. In Ireland, Hares are connected to the Sidh (faerie folk) and it's bad luck to harm one.

In Greek mythology, Hare is sacred to the love deities Aphrodite and Eros. Hare energy stimulates sexual vitality, creativity and psychic sensitivity. This spirit can be fortunate for lovers and people wanting to start a family.
Hare Animal Spirit
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The Hare relates to triangles and the number three. Like the Cat, the Hare is often considered a witches' familiar. In African lore, this animal commonly appears as a trickster spirit.

While the Hare can be a sign of prosperity and good fortune, this Spirit can also warn of delusion, deception or multiple layers of meaning. Beware of habits or fears that keep you frozen and unable to move forward.

Keywords: Mystery, Secrets, Moon, Magic, Psychic Awareness, Shape-Shifting, Sensitivity, Serendipity, Adaptability, Faith, Madness, Creativity, Sexual Vitality.

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