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Hen Animal Spirit Guide

Spirit of Hen (Chicken)

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Spirit of Hen The Spirit of Hen or Chicken brings blessings of providence, motherhood, harmony and nourishment. The Hen symbolizes fertility and sexuality. The term Hen can refer to female poultry, game birds, octopus or lobster.

See also: Rooster.
Chickens and eggs are associated with the March Equinox, a time of rebirth and renewal. The Hen is a sign of abundance, and also prophecy and truth. Because she usually forages on the ground, the Hen is attuned to powerful Earth rhythms. The Spirit of Hen can increase your sensitivity to physical and spiritual vibrations.

With the Rooster, the Hen represents a dynamic and harmonious balance of yin/yang sexual energies. This Spirit can be fortunate for intimate relationships.

The Hen Spirit broadens your capacity to nurture and provide for yourself and others. Hen brings blessings of harmony and happiness to domestic and family activities. Work at home can be productive and satisfying. Take time to enjoy creature comforts and quality time with children, friends and loved ones.

Highly social, Chickens have a distinct pecking order. The Hen helps you define and modify your comfort zone or niche in society and the grander scheme.
Spirit of Hen
Hen Animal Spirit

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The Hen can also warn of nervousness, neurotic behavior or ill temper. Watch out for a greedy person or someone who wants to exploit your generosity. Avoid overspending or impulse purchases. Hen can be a sign of sexual issues, relationship problems or spousal infidelity.

In some cases she can signify lack of motivation. Beware of losing perspective, or lapsing into apathy or ennui. Balance your Sun energy with your Earth power, and attune to the natural abundance all around you..

Keywords: Earth energy, Fertility, Equinox, Birth, Rebirth, Motherhood, Nurturing, Abundance, Providence, Creativity, Sexual Equilibrium, Social Status, Comfort Zone or Niche.

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