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Pisces 2014
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Year of the

Yang Green Wood Horse

Jan 31 2014 - Feb 18 2015

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Pisces Zodiac Sign in the Year of the Horse Pisces in the Year of the Horse

ATTENTION! This horoscope year is over Feb 18 2015. Please see: Pisces in the Year of the Yin Wood Sheep 2015-16. Remember to adjust your bookmarks - also, this page will redirect after the first week of Feb. Thanks and have a happy day happy

The Year of the Horse can be a fortunate one for you, Pisces, as your creative energy sparkles, past work or plans begin to turn a profit, and the air pulses with the spirit of adventure and discovery. Activity picks up around you, travel increases and the winds of change blow with reckless abandon. Your charisma is radiant, dreams and desires can become reality, and destiny shines in your hands. You're moving with agile speed in this marvelous magical year.

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Your Water element and Yin polarity help to modify the rampant energy of the Yang Horse year, bringing a sense of balance and calm. Nonetheless, incoming stimuli can be unrelenting and the Horse's fixed Fire element can cause a sizzling buildup of steam.

Beware of suppressed feelings or pent-up energy, which can emerge in destructive ways. At times you may be more tempted to retreat into safety than to move forward into the tempestuous unknown - perhaps for good reason.

There's a lot of planetary activity in your sign. Pisces is busy this year, but is less inclined to take the brash approach, and may prefer to work in more subtle, ingenious ways.

You can adapt quickly to the many changes that occur in the Horse year. You have the talent to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. While outside pressures may cause some stress, you're well aware that dynamic tension can also be a springboard to success.

Lucky Stars Pisces Facts & Symbols Facts Trivia

Ruling Element: Water
Quality: Mutable
Lucky / Influential Numbers: 2, 6, 9
Lucky Day: Friday
Flower: Violet, Water Lily
Ruling Planets: Neptune, Jupiter
  Twelfth (House of the Subconscious & Karma)
Phrase/Motto: "I Dream"
Body Parts Ruled:
  feet, toes, spleen, lymphatic system
Corresponding Eastern Sign: Rabbit
Polarity: Yin
Native American Birth Totem: Wolf

Subconscious factors have a strong influence, and can hinder or help you. You're a dreamer, a romantic visionary with the ability to see multiple facets of perspective and meaning. Your intuition can be remarkably accurate, and you're aware of unusual changes or nuances that others can't perceive.

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You may be more sensitive to moods and emotions, and it's important to surround yourself with people who inspire you. Avoid the company of pessimistic thinkers, who can drag you down and thwart your potential.

Opportunities for advancement and abundance appear all around you and confident action gets you ahead. While you might take some time to find your optimal pace, don't worry about it. You have many resounding victories in this eventful year.

Pisces Love in the Year of the Horse Pisces Love

Love and romance flourish in the Year of the Horse, as creative energy flares and a liberal spirit prevails. Sensual attraction runs high, and your social popularity is on the rise. Others are drawn to your aura of mystique. Romantically you could step outside your usual social circles, as your questing nature gravitates to new experiences, stimulating company, luxurious indulgences and exotic delights.

Relationships can be fulfilling and nourishing for Pisces this year, but are not without their challenges. Matters of the heart can clash with other aspects of life, and issues of ego or pride can cause setbacks. Beware of a partner who takes you for granted or too often neglects your needs, as this can fray the deeper connection between you and instigate sparks of animosity. This is a good marriage year for partners who are in a stable relationship, but those who cannot resolve issues between them are likely to part ways.

You are a reliable and loving partner, and relationship rough spots can be smoothed if the people involved are willing to take the time. Sex is daring, invigorating and passionate, as the Horse enlivens the senses and heightens sexual desire. As Pisces is both tender and intense, intimacy can be a spectacular cosmic journey of diverse delights.

Gemstones rose quartz or moonstone can be lucky in the Horse year to enhance your psychic connection, awaken benevolent magic and attract happy relationships. If you're seeking your soulmate, you could encounter this person at a place of calm and harmony such as a library, yoga class, spiritual event, park, nature excursion, gallery or spa. Your soulmate will be drawn to your expressive eyes and intrigued by your hidden depths. The number six is prominent.

Best months for love: April, May, December, January 2015
Worst months for love: March, August

Pisces Money in the Year of the Horse Pisces Money

The Horse year sparkles with wealth and abundance, and quite a lot of it comes your way. Money matters take a turn for the better in general. Income can arrive from several different sources. Investments may be tricky this year, and you're wise to stick with those who have a solid track record. You will incur some losses due to medical or legal expenses, a necessary purchase or an unfortunate risk, but you're in a good position to recoup these.

Extravagant purchases on credit, major borrowing or unresolved accumulative debt can cause problems both in financial and relationship spheres. You have a savvy eye for bargains and profitable opportunities, but it's difficult to stay within a budget this year. Keep your plans flexible, don't expect perfection and don't let money worries keep you up at night. Overall, success is on your side.

Business and career activities can make strong headway. Work pays off as the year progresses. Original thinking gets happy results. You may have to make some sacrifices for the greater good, but beware of being too flexible. You can compromise your pride, but never your integrity.

You could get some money this year from a bonus at work, a government grant, family gift or lottery win. While risky ventures can return a substantial profit, they can also crash and burn. Be bold and take a chance, but be sure to have a backup plan.

Unexpected changes this year can affect your work and career life. You have plenty of options for advancement as positive shifts in direction get you further faster, and opportunity appears when you make the first move. Decisive action works in your favor, but self-doubt or overthinking will hold you back.
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Entrepreneurship can be challenging for Pisces this year, as progress can be frustrated by emotional issues or unforeseen business expenses. Your deeper awareness is keen, and you may need time to explore your options before making your move. Moods can fluctuate with an unpredictable money flow. Nonetheless, your inner strength, sense of fairness and charming powers of persuasion can overcome any obstacles. Self-employment and financial success become easier toward year's end, as the benevolent energy of the Sheep year exerts a calming influence.

Place your money frog in the south of your home or workplace to attract fortunate wealth Qi, as a very auspicious flying star locates there this year. This is also a good location for a Chinese wealth vase or other money-drawing charm.

Best months for money: March, April, September, January 2015
Worst months for money: February, July

Pisces Health in the Year of the Horse Pisces Health & Happiness

Health can be reasonably stable this year, as the Horse increases your reserves of energy and encourages positive lifestyle changes. In general you have a good sense of body awareness and nutritional balance, although you may not always heed your own advice.

Physical or emotional problems could coincide with Chiron retrograde in the summer and early autumn months. Beware of binge eating or drinking, and don't let little things affect you personally. Mental struggles can put a damper on your health and leave you frustrated or drained. It's important to take quality time to yourself, and rest and rejuvenate when needed. Travel for pleasure with friends or family can also have happy effects.

Beware of needless or hectic activity. Watch out for physical ailments such as muscle sprains especially to the wrists and ankles, or work-related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome or lower back problems from standing or heavy lifting. Address any issues as they arise, and don't allow symptoms to build up and get worse.

Physical activities such as tae kwon do, juggling or acrobatics, speed skating, interpretive dance or basic stretching can improve your stamina and stimulate your positive energy flow. Creative ventures such as art therapy, acting, music interpretation or fiction writing can also be beneficial for you this year.

The best colors for health and happiness include white, golden yellow, pale orange, deep reds such as ruby red or brick red, terracotta, misty blue, sea blues and greens, sage green and violet. Moon magic, lunar symbols and the vibrations of the number two (2) can attract healing energy and promote tranquility. See Lucky / Influential Numbers.

Best months for health: February, March, May, June
Worst months for health: August, September

Pisces planets  Planets in Pisces this Year

  • Until 2025: Neptune (spirituality, dreams, idealism, imagination, illusion)
  • Until 2018: Chiron (health, life lessons, spiritual journeys, wholeness)
  • Jan 31 2014 - Feb 13 2014: Mercury (communication, expression, intellect, commerce) - in retrograde from Feb 6 (problems: communication, technology, money)
  • March 17 2014 - April 7 2014: Mercury
  • April 5 2014 - May 3 2014: Venus (love, beauty, truth, grace)
  • June 9 2014 - Nov 16 2014: Neptune retrograde (problems: grounding, concept of reality, logic, addiction)
  • June 20 2014 - Nov 23 2014: Chiron retrograde (problems: health, spiritual growth, balance)
  • Jan 12 2015 - Feb 20 2015: Mars (power, sexual vigor, ambition, motivation)
  • Jan 27 2015 - Feb 20 2015: Venus
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