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Scorpio 2014
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Scorpio Lucky Stars

Scorpio the Scorpion

Year of the

Yang Green Wood Horse

Jan 31 2014 - Feb 18 2015

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Scorpio Scorpion

Scorpio Zodiac Sign in the Year of the Horse Scorpio in the Year of the Horse

ATTENTION! This horoscope year is over Feb 18 2015. Please see: Scorpio in the Year of the Yin Wood Sheep 2015-16. Remember to adjust your bookmarks - also, this page will redirect after the first week of Feb. Thanks and have a happy day happy

The pace picks up for you this year, Scorpio, as the Horse enhances your charisma and brings significant changes into your life. New ideas and opportunities emerge like magic. It's a year of perpetual motion, positive action and confident choices that can take you with breathtaking speed down the road to success. The terrain can fluctuate but you're quick on your feet. Your multiple talents can put you in the spotlight in the dynamic Year of the Horse.

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As a Water sign, you have the capacity to temper the fiery energy of the Wood Horse and channel its power to maximum effect. Action and inspiration join forces, and you can make your dreams into reality.

While others are running around in frantic circles, you are building bridges and exploring new territory. You're an original thinker with a keen sense of focus and determination. When you know where you're going, nothing can stand in your way.

Life gets better in the Year of the Horse. Plans come to fruition, money flows with abandon, self-expression flourishes and freedom is in the air. You may be attracted to musical pursuits such as singing, dancing or playing an instrument.

You embark on journeys both physical and personal. You may venture along untraveled paths of self-awareness that can enrich your understanding of your own potential and the beauty of the world around you.

Lucky Stars Scorpio Facts & Symbols Facts Trivia

Ruling Element: Water
Quality: Fixed
Lucky / Influential Numbers: 2, 4, 5
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Flower: Chrysanthemum, Rhododendron
Ruling Planet: Mars, Pluto
  Eighth (House of Sex, Death, Rebirth)
Phrase/Motto: "I Desire"
Body Parts Ruled:
  sweat glands, colon, bladder, urethra, genitalia
Corresponding Eastern Sign: Boar
Polarity: Yin
Native American Birth Totem: Snake

Your corresponding Eastern zodiac sign, the Boar, brings gifts of warrior strength and wisdom. You may occasionally feel imbalanced or overly emotional this year, and these are the times to slow down and be kind to yourself. Beware of dogmatism, delusion or obsessive thinking. Although you may be prone to mood fluctuations, bouts of sarcasm or cynicism, and unexpected bursts of temper, Scorpio can have a fortunate and progressive year in general.

Scorpio 2014
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Lucky number two (2) is influential at this time, corresponding to pairs and symmetry, dreams, the Moon, and the resolution of opposites. The vibrations of two can bring balance and unity in the Self or in personal and business relationships. The color green can also be lucky for you, promoting healing, creativity and emotional rejuvenation.

Scorpio Love in the Year of the Horse Scorpio Love

Love and romance abound this year, as your sensual nature couples with the Horse's fire and exuberance. It's a vibrant atmosphere of exploration, progress and open-minded fun. Major changes could happen in your love life, such as a new relationship, marriage or addition to the family.

Scorpio is a powerhouse of passion this year and intimate experiences can be intense and adventurous, as Horse energy releases inhibitions and stimulates physical desire. Single Scorpios have no lack of options, as social and sensual charisma runs high.

Your love life accelerates, relationships blossom and the winds of romance whisper of exotic delights. Travel for business or pleasure can be fortunate, bringing bold new encounters and experiences.

Emotions may be particularly sensitive in early spring, possibly connected to work or money issues. Your independent nature and the Horse's restless energy can make you unwilling or unable to settle down this year, although that may change toward year's end.

Once you make a commitment, you're a faithful partner willing to work toward cultivating a happy relationship, but beware of decisions made in haste or under pressure. If your personal freedom is threatened, your rebel nature surges to the fore, provoking arguments and possibly relationship sabotage.

Objects of earth, clay or silver can attract love luck this year. You may not be satisfied with love interests that function only on a physical level, as your active mind needs stimulation as well. If you're seeking your soulmate, you could encounter this person in quite an ordinary place such as a supermarket, pub, dog park, community center, gym or school, but you'll notice an extraordinary reaction.

Best months for love: July, August, October, November
Worst months for love: March, May, January 2015

Scorpio Money in the Year of the Horse Scorpio Money

Scorpio has the innate ability to make money even in difficult times. You're self-sufficient and resourceful, and you can turn vulnerabilities into strengths. You can see multiple perspectives at once, and are quick to take advantage of the lucrative opportunities that come your way in the Year of the Horse. You could get a sum of money from a sideline or hobby, past work, family, a grant or competition win.

Expenses can mount this year, so beware of overuse of credit cards, and avoid unnecessary borrowing. Beware also of a deceitful person or situation in late spring. While you can enjoy plenty of money luck in the Horse year, you could also be more prone to flights of fancy or idealistic desires. Watch out for ventures that promise a profit but come with hidden costs.

Money security is tricky, and could cause some anxiety. You're a deep thinker, and nagging worries can limit your creativity and stifle your capacity for forward motion. You can step outside your usual boundaries this year, and you'll be glad you did. You have an insidious talent for pushing limits, both in yourself and in others.

Entrepreneurship can be successful for Scorpio in almost any year. This year, progress is swift and numerous challenges arise. At times you may feel you're running an obstacle course, but you have an uncanny ability to find productive shortcuts and untapped resources. You're an inspiration to others, and are gifted with an engaging wit and charm that makes people want to be around you.
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In business relationships you may have clashes with employees or partners, as your streak of stubbornness can function either for or against you. Your enterprising spirit and depth of passion prevail. Flexibility and an open-minded approach are the keys to success this year. Small victories add up, and adversaries can ultimately become allies.

In terms of career advancement, it's a good time to make positive changes in your professional life. This may involve a job change or relocation, a major career decision or acquisition of new skills. You're not the type to stay long in a position that doesn't make you happy, although you might have to deal with some mental conflicts before making your move. If you're passionate about your work you can enjoy significant progress in the Year of the Horse.

Best months for money: February, July, August, November
Worst months for money: March, April, June

Scorpio Health in the Year of the Horse Scorpio Health & Happiness

Scorpio may suffer a few minor ailments off and on this year such as sniffles, sore throat, headache or stomach upset, as outside pressures or incoming stimuli could affect your immune system and mind/body equilibrium. Your physical health is generally stable but you could easily go off the deep end emotionally, as issues of security or self-esteem arise, and little worries can flourish into bigger ones.

Don't procrastinate on health matters this year, as you need your optimal flow of energy. Watch out for problems of the mouth and teeth, digestive system and urinary tract. Nutritional imbalance can cause energy lags, but avoid overuse of store-bought vitamins or supplements, and focus on organic solutions instead.

Drink plenty of water, as dehydration can cause health complications. You can benefit from massage therapy or sauna treatment as well as hand drumming, running or other rhythmic activity. Physical exercise such as tennis, martial arts, synchronized swimming, racquetball or gymnastics can help dispel excess body tension.

You could experience some intimacy problems if your sleeping area is in the east, as an unlucky flying star locates there. Avoid bright red decor or accessories in that region of your home or workplace. Fortunate colors for health and happiness this year include burgundy, amber, tangerine, burnt orange, smoky shades of white or grey, silver, misty blue, sky blue, chartreuse and jade green.

Best months for health: April, June, October
Worst months for health: February, August

Scorpio planets  Planets in Scorpio this Year

  • Until Dec 23 2014: Saturn (authority, work, domination, compassion, hidden power) retrograde March 2 2014 - July 20 2014 (problems: security, work, changes/transitions)
  • July 26 2014 - Sept 13 2014: Mars (power, sexual vigor, ambition, motivation)
  • Sept 27 2014 - Oct 10 2014: Mercury (communication, expression, intellect, commerce) retrograde from Oct 4 (problems: communication, technology, money)
  • Oct 23 2014 - Nov 16 2014: Venus (love, beauty, truth, grace)
  • Nov 8 2014 - Nov 28 2014: Mercury
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