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Spider Animal Spirit Guide

Spirit of Spider

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Spirit of Spider The Spirit of Spider brings gifts of industry, creativity, prosperity and arcane wisdom. Spider represents primordial feminine powers, inner strength and victory. The Spider Spirit is especially auspicious for women and for men wishing to enhance their Yin connection.
While Spiders can incite primal fears, it's considered bad luck to harm one of these enterprising arachnids. Spiders play a vital role in ecology and pest control. Spiritually, the Spider traps and consumes negative or unwanted energies before they can hurt you.

Spiders' webs are represented in Native American art particularly as Dreamcatchers, which filter out bad dreams. Spider can also help you identify and conquer any fears that keep you from reaching your true potential.

The Spider represents patience, independence and stamina. Like spider silk, you can be both flexible and strong. Spider can signify creative opportunities, productivity or many children.
Spider Animal Spirit Guide
Spider Animal Spirit

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This Spirit indicates luck and success in complex career ventures, textile arts, home-based projects, entrepreneurship and self-employment. Spider is a sign of perseverance. In times of difficulty, do not give up. Victory is ultimately yours.

Cultivate qualities of self-awareness, candor and confidence; practice virtues of kindness and forgiveness. Beware of vengeful thoughts or a vindictive person. Spider can warn of irrational fears, possessiveness or a venomous temperament.

Don't get caught in a web of deceit or faulty facts. You may have to untangle multiple threads of logic to reach the heart of truth, but in the end you'll find that the destination is so much more satisfying because of the journey.

Keywords: Feminine Power, Luck, Strength, Stamina, Victory, Patience, Industry, Creativity, Protection, Wisdom, Conquering Fear, Independence, Success, Career, Entrepreneurship.

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