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Taurus Necklace

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Taurus Lucky Stars

Taurus the Bull

Year of the

Yang Green Wood Horse

Jan 31 2014 - Feb 18 2015

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Taurus 2014
Taurus Hat

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Taurus Bull

Taurus Zodiac Sign in the Year of the Horse Taurus in the Year of the Horse

ATTENTION! This horoscope year is over Feb 18 2015. Please see: Taurus in the Year of the Yin Wood Sheep 2015-16. Remember to adjust your bookmarks - also, this page will redirect after the first week of Feb. Thanks and have a happy day happy

This can be an exciting year for you, Taurus, as the Yang Horse shines with power, prosperity and dynamic perpetual motion. It's a time of change that can challenge your way of thinking and introduce revolutionary concepts and ideas. You can release useless burdens and habits, overcome personal limitations and expand your territorial boundaries to forge ahead with spectacular style in this progressive year.

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In the Year of the Horse, passions rule and life is both fabulous and frustrating. Bright new pathways appear, and sudden directional shifts can benefit or thwart your progress. Attitude is everything, and you have plenty of it.

You're also gifted with a remarkable sense of balance, and your corresponding Eastern sign the Snake gives you a fine-tuned mind and a knack for strategic thinking. This is however a year of action rather than careful planning. Opportunity can be fleeting and not every chance taken is a winner, but overall the rewards are worth the risks.

The Wood Horse works well with the Earth element of Taurus the Bull (aka the Ox), creating a strong foundation for building and development. While it may take some effort to corral the Horse's fiery energy, you can ultimately use its momentum to your best advantage. A yin yang symbol with yin rising can help promote stability and awareness.
See: Lucky Symbols in the Year of the Horse.

Lucky Stars Taurus Facts & Symbols Facts

Ruling Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Lucky / Influential Numbers: 3, 4, 6
Lucky Day: Friday
Flower: Hawthorne, Lily of the Valley
Ruling Planet: Venus
  Second (House of Money & Possessions)
Phrase/Motto: "I Have"
Body Parts Ruled:
  throat, neck, ears, thyroid
Corresponding Eastern Sign: Snake
Polarity: Yin
Native American Birth Totem: Beaver

Your creative powers flourish this year, and imagination is vivid. Writing and literary arts, pottery or woodworking can be especially lucky for you. Social activities are on the rise in general. You may be inclined to join a like-minded group or turn an artistic hobby into a chance for profit.

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Music and rhythm can be quite influential. The tempo is upbeat, and the possibilities are endless. It's a friendly and liberal-minded atmosphere where anything goes, and life is fast but full of wonder. The Horse year is a fertile time to develop your existing talents and acquire new skills that can benefit you now and in the future.

Taurus Love in the Year of the Horse Taurus Love

Attraction sizzles this year. Casual relationships can come and go with lightning speed, but Taurus is more likely than some to commit to a long-term partnership. Love is stimulating and passionate, and your romantic nature thrives as the Horse enhances fantasy and inspires daring new experiences. The Bull's sensual charisma is especially vibrant, and sex is charged with pulsing depths of power and Olympian heights of pleasure.

If you're single, you can afford to be picky - and you should be. People are drawn to your light, but you'll attract the bad as well as the good. Beware of smooth-talking charmers and false flatterers. You're blessed with some solid common sense and a fundamentally peaceful nature, but it can all go up in a spectacular blaze when the flames of passion erupt.

Even the most loving, secure relationships may have difficulties. Conflicts of desire can take their toll, careless words can hurt, and money issues could come into play. You're willing to work toward resolution, and communication is better than in some previous years. You must be comfortable with necessary changes, and be sure your partner feels the same way. For couples so inclined, this is an auspicious marriage year, and Taurus is one of the most devoted of signs. Mismatched relationships are more likely to break up, as Horse energy favors freedom and forward motion.

The color pink can enhance your love luck and promote relationship harmony. Moonstone is a fortunate gem in 2014-15, and can help smooth conflicts, increase your awareness of subconscious desires and strengthen your love connection.

If you're seeking your soulmate, you could encounter this person in a place of creativity or imagination such as a movie theater or production venue, book club, gala event or cultural center. This person will gravitate to your solar radiance and be intrigued by your Yin, mysterious side. The less you look, the more you see. When you cross paths you might not recognize this person as your soulmate, but serendipity has a way of making things clear in the most subtle of ways.

Best months for love: May, June, August, November
Worst months for love: March, September, January 2015

Taurus Money in the Year of the Horse Taurus Money

Money money money! The Horse year is a good one for wealth, and Taurus is no slouch in that department. You know the value of work, and you generally don't expect anything handed to you. You're quite resourceful, with an innate ability to attract opportunities. You could get cash this year from a gift or grant, but money is most likely to come from your own ingenious efforts. You can have many successes this year in work that you do or projects you create.

Beware of borrowing money or paying on credit, especially if you have unresolved debt. Overspending is a big concern in the extravagant Horse year, as luxury purchases increase. While this can be a sign of a healthy economy, it can also put strain on your finances.

Although you enjoy your creature comforts and also the finer things in life, you're not as impulsive as some, and less likely to succumb to the urge to splurge. Don't expect to stay within a strict budget, as investments in quality or unforeseen expenses can affect even the most frugal spender.

Change is in air, and decisive action can get satisfaction. If you're not happy at work, it's an auspicious time for a job or career move. You can also make solid advances in your chosen profession. You have a canny eye for the abundant opportunities this year that can put you in a better place personally and financially.

Business endeavors begun in the Snake year can thrive in the Year of the Horse, as plans go into action. Entrepreneurship and self-employment are well suited to your forward-thinking nature, and you generally have the discipline to carry projects through to success. Conflicts could arise with business partners, clients or co-workers over money matters or differing points of view.
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You can do well in people-oriented businesses this year, as your charisma sparkles and others are drawn to your genuine charm. Whatever you do, you're the star of your own show. Be careful of moving forward too quickly, and watch out for disagreements over methods and ideas. In a business relationship, be sure everyone's attuned to the same goal. Work done this year gives you greater freedom in 2015.

Best months for money: April, May, October, December
Worst months for money: February, July, August

Taurus Health in the Year of the Horse Taurus Health & Happiness

Taurus has a good sense of body and fitness, and is remarkably well-grounded in this turbulent year. Exercise is important for both mental and physical health. Fatigue or stress can affect your complexion, energy level and motivation, so be sure to balance work with quality relaxation time. Nourishing facial or skin treatments, massage and essential oil therapy can benefit you this year.

Beware of neck problems such as strain or pinched nerves. Problems here can affect other parts of the body. This is the area of the Fifth or Throat Chakra, connected to creativity, dreams and personal growth. Rhythmic movement such as classical dance, gymnastics or walking meditation can help optimize your energy flow. Deep breathing, singing or vibrational sound therapy can also be beneficial.

If your bedroom is on the east side of your home, you may have some misfortune there such as a physical injury, emotional upheaval or sexual difficulties. Avoid bright red accessories and decor, and keep that area free of clutter. Elements of water can promote emotional healing and calm. Watch out for too much water in your environment, which can overwhelm your positive energy and and cause mental stagnation or feelings of despair. Balance this with Wood or Earth.

Objects of brass, copper and other metals can be lucky for health and general good fortune. The best colors for health and happiness this year include orange, saffron, ivory, navy blue, turquoise, magenta, rose red, forest green and lime green.

Best months for health: April, June, September, November
Worst months for health: March, October, January 2015

Taurus planets  Planets in Taurus this Year

  • April 23 2014 - May 7 2014: Mercury (communication, expression, intellect, commerce)
  • May 29 2014 - June 23 2014: Venus (love, beauty, truth, grace)
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