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Turtle Animal Spirit Guide
Spirit of Turtle
Spirit of Turtle Turtle is a powerful old Spirit. The Turtle signifies longevity, serenity, creation, wisdom and prosperity. Turtle (Tortoise, Terrapin) invites you to let go of your worries and take an easy-going approach to life.
In many cultures, Turtles symbolize luck, fertility and ancient wisdom. In Native lore, old Grandmother Turtle is the only one able to carry the weight of the world on her back. The Turtle grants inner strength, patience, and success in difficult ventures.

Turtle is a sign of the subconscious, dreams and deeper awareness. The Spirit of Turtle attracts good fortune and prosperity, and is auspicious for new ideas, projects or life experiences. A steady pace can take you far. You can overcome any challenge, one step at a time.

The Turtle can signify a long physical or spiritual journey. This animal spirit can be lucky for travelers, artists, teachers and scientists, and for the accumulation of wealth and knowledge in general. Turtle energy attunes to the number five (5).

In alchemy, Turtle is a sign of Chaos. Reversed, the Turtle can indicate a breakdown, disruption or mental block. The Turtle Spirit asks you to seek serenity in all things and focus your energy effectively. Remember that Chaos often precedes Creation.

Keywords: Wisdom, Creation, Longevity, Fertility, Prosperity, Dreams, Inner Strength, Serenity, Endurance, Patience, Overcoming Challenge, Protection, Journeying, Chaos.

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