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Wolverine Animal Spirit Guide
Spirit of Wolverine
Spirit of Wolverine The Spirit of Wolverine calls from a primal place, urging you to be true to yourself, and never give up. A solitary creature of the North, the Wolverine is a tough and ferocious survivor.

See also: Weasel.
Wolverine energy brings protection, tenacity and the power to succeed against the odds. Self-reliant and strong of will, Wolverine is rarely a good team player. The Wolverine can signify travel, exploration and the expansion of personal or territorial boundaries.

Food is scarce in the cold winter months, and the Wolverine eats each meal with ravenous hunger. The Spirit of Wolverine hones your appetite for life. You can take advantage of every opportunity, learn by doing and lead by example. Wolverine inspires resourcefulness and courage in hard times, and the capacity to appreciate and exploit times of plenty.

A faithful provider, the Wolverine promotes responsibility for one's choices and commitments in life. Male Wolverines often take care of more than one family at once. This animal spirit is also a sign of material or spiritual wealth, luxury and creature comforts.

In reverse, Wolverine energy can cause crankiness or flares of temper. Beware of impulse spending, overindulgence or withdrawal from the world. Channel Wolverine energy into positive action, and success will be yours.

Keywords: Primal Power, Hunger, Success, Independence, Solitude, Ferocity, Tenacity, Overcoming Odds, Survivor Skills, Resourcefulness, Travel, Expanding Boundaries, Luxury.

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