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Chan Chu, the Lucky Money Frog

Lucky Money Frogs and Toads

Attract money, luck and prosperity with Chan Chu, the legendary three-legged money frog. The money frog or toad is considered the most powerful of the Chinese wealth symbols.

The Year of the Sheep 2015-16 is one of the luckiest for money, abundant with opportunities to increase your material wealth. You can benefit by placing your lucky frog(s) in a favorable location in your home, workplace, office, shop or anywhere else you want to attract money and good fortune.

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About the Lucky Money Frog

Chan Chu has many names including Jin Chan, golden toad, Feng Shui money frog, money toad, three-legged money frog, three-legged prosperity toad or wealth-beckoning toad. According to myth, she was the wife of one of the eight Immortals. She was turned into an amphibian because she stole the Peaches of Immortality, fleeing with them to the moon.
Magic Money Toad
Chan Chu is greedy, and this works in your favor, as she can bring you abundant blessings of money luck. She not only attracts money, but protects your wealth and guards against financial disasters. She inspires wise decisions relating to finances and spending, and can help curb the impulse to overspend.

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The three legs of the money frog symbolize the holy trinity of heaven, earth and humankind. The money frog is associated with the moon, water, the constellation of the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) and Feminine magic. It's said that she swallows the moon during an eclipse. If Chan Chu appears near your house or business during a full moon, you will soon get good news related to your wealth and finances.
Colorful Money Frog
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Money Frog Figurines

Money frogs or toads come in many shapes, colors and sizes. Chan Chu often sits on a pile of coins, signifying the protection and accumulation of wealth. She may also sit on a yin/yang symbol, or an eight-sided shape depicting the Ba Gua or bagua. The Ba Gua represent the principles of reality through eight interrelated concepts. A Feng Shui bagua map is used to identify lucky or unlucky areas of the house.

Golden Money Frog on LotusBeautiful Golden Money Frog on Lotus carries Ru Yi, meaning wishes come true. This money frog rotates to face any direction you like. The money frog can also sit on an elephant or turtle, both favorable animals for luck and longevity. Lotus symbolizes abundance and good fortune. The Laughing Buddha is sometimes shown sitting on Chan Chu the money frog, surrounded by coins and bags of money.

Chan Chu is often shown biting a string of coins which signify wealth. Seven lucky stars or jewels, representing the Big Dipper, may appear on her back. In many cases she holds a Chinese coin in her mouth, or has a slot in her mouth into which you can put a coin.

The Chinese coin has a square hole in the center and should be placed with the four symbols, or yang side, face up. While a Chinese coin is traditional, you can use a different coin if you like. The important thing is that it represents money and prosperity to you.
Attracting Wealth with Your Money Frog

Put one or more figurines of Chan Chu in your environment to attract dynamic money luck and prosperity throughout the year. You can have up to nine money frogs/toads in your home or workplace. The luckiest numbers are one, three, six or nine. When placing your money frogs or toads, you can adopt the laissez faire attitude and put them in random locations, but this is not favorable for optimal wealth enhancement.

To attract wealth and maximize the flow of money energy, you must be careful to follow certain guidelines in the orientation or placement of your money frog(s).

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Feng Shui Money Toad
Powerful Money Toad

Happy Money Blessings!

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Happy Money Blessings!

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