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Placement of Your Money Frog

Your lucky money frog can help bring wealth your way! You can have up to nine money frogs or toads in your workspace, garden or home. The most favorable numbers are one, three, six or nine.

Various factors can affect the money-drawing powers of Chan Chu. Some locations can negate or reverse her energy. You don't want that.

Here are a few tips and guidelines for placing your lucky money frog or toad. If you don't have a money frog yet, you can browse or buy attractive money frogs and toads in a price range that suits you.

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The best location for a money frog depends on the layout of your environment, and the situation of the nine Flying Stars of Feng Shui, which changes according to the year. Corners are especially vibrant as they gather pools of Qi (Chi). Traditionally, the south-east is associated with money and wealth.

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Feng Shui Flying Stars

In the Year of the Sheep 2015-16, the south-east is ruled by fierce Flying Star 2, an unlucky star associated with illness and money worries such as bankruptcy, debt, foreclosure, legal problems, hospital bills or loss of money due to health problems..This is not a good location for your money frog or money toad as this star can bring disaster.

The best location for Chan Chu is in the direct north, which is blessed with benevolent Flying Star number 8, the star of wealth and prosperity. Your money frog or toad should be happy here. You can dispel bad energy in the south-east with metal elements, especially gold, brass or copper.

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All areas of the north are quite good this year, with Flying Star 6, the Star of career, in the north-east. The northwest, graced by Star #4, is lucky for travel, profitable partnerships and helpful people. Flying Star 1, also called the Victory Star, is in the East, which relates more to health, but can also be lucky for business success.
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Inauspicious stars appear in the west, south, south-east and center in 2015. Don't put your money frog in any of these locations. If you must, you should buy a lucky charm to ward off evil. Fortunate Star #9 locates in the northwest, but can magnify the malicious effects of surrounding stars, so while you can place your money frog here, you should also get an accompanying lucky charm.

For more info about the Flying Stars, please see Flying Stars for the Year of the Sheep.

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Where to Put Your Money Frog

Place Chan Chu on a low table or shelf. It's unlucky and disrespectful to put her on the floor. Don't place her too high, or she'll go off to find money for herself, and forget about you! Make sure the frog is oriented with mouth facing outward, to draw in wealth.

Your money frog or toad can face your main entrance, but shouldn't be directly in front of the door. It's best to place Chan Chu at a diagonal to the door. You can, however, put two money frogs by your main entrance. One should face the outside, to draw money and lucrative financial opportunities. The other should face inward, to prevent wealth from leaving your premises.

Never place a money frog in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. These areas dull or negate the money frog's energy. While water is associated with money, the bathroom is off limits because this location can overwhelm or "drown" your frog's powers.
It's not particularly beneficial to put a money frog in your dining room, but it's not unlucky, especially if you use your dining room as an office or for making money in some way, and if a favorable Flying Star finds itself there. Avoid the dining room or get a lucky charm if an unfavorable Flying Star is in that area.

Good locations for your money frog are your living room, den, office or garden; by your cash register, if you have a shop (but not facing the cash register); on your desk; or by your computer, if you use your computer for finances or earning money. If you put your money frog near a fountain, be sure the water is fresh, as Chan Chu doesn't like dirty water. Don't put her in the water.
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You can "activate" your money frog with the color red. If your money frog has red eyes or decorations, she's already activated. If not, you can put her on a red cloth or piece of paper, or tie a red string or ribbon around her. She's quite fond of red jewels as well. This will get strong positive money energy working for you.

If you follow these instructions, you can benefit from the powers of Chan Chu to bring good luck in all your financial matters.

**Note: these are general instructions only. Other factors, such as your birth year, can also have an effect. If you need more assistance in placing your lucky money frog(s), it's advisable to get a personal reading.

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Happy Money Blessings!

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Happy Money Blessings!

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