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Year of the Horse
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Lucky Numbers in the Horse Year

Jan 31 2014 - Feb 18 2015
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Lucky Numbers, Colors, Symbols in the Year of the Horse Lucky Numbers in the Year of the Yang Wood Horse

In numerology, numbers are vibrant with mystic energy. Numbers can influence your life path and to one degree or another can help or hinder your progress. Intrinsically, numbers are neither lucky or unlucky, but they can affect you in different ways. This year the numbers seven (7), three (3), two (2) and eight (8) are especially relevant.

lucky number seven Mystic Seven attunes to the higher consciousness, magic and truth. This esoteric number is associated with divinity and royalty, independence and free will, intellect and honor. Seven can be lucky for money and wealth as well as spiritual richness.

Sevens are abundant in 2014. The power number of the Horse animal spirit is seven. In the Chinese zodiac, the Horse is the seventh sign. Seven is the universal number of this year (2+0+1+4). Seven relates to the seven main chakras, the unbridled flow of energy for mental and physical health. A number of the gods and also humanity, it's nonetheless a loner, promoting the spirit of freedom and individuality.
Seven is a questor, a seeker of Truth and Knowledge. Seven is eccentric, often acting in ways that seem irrational, and can be rebellious. This number brings flashes of inspiration and ingenuity. It's especially vibrant with colors purple, magenta and deeper blues.

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Seven promotes mastery and masculine energy, but is fundamentally an introvert. It can relate to depression, over-analysis and addiction. However, it's considered a "magic" number and generally quite fortunate. The vibrations of number seven can enhance your personal power in the fast-paced Year of the Horse.
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lucky number two Two represents the moon, femininity, balance, partnerships and communication. Two is often associated with colors yellow, gold, silver, black, white, violet and some blue-green shades.

The cosmic vibrations of two can influence your gravitational attraction to like-minded people, and bring you into contact with those who can help you succeed. Two can dispel uncertainty, elevate self-confidence and enhance personal warmth and open-heartedness.

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Two is lucky for couples and relationships, power in unity and the resolution of opposites. This number provides inner strength and calm courage, reflecting the brilliant rays of the sun in gentler, less aggressive ways. A non-competitive number, two is a pacifist but stands firm when need be. Two attunes to harmony, dreams and beauty.
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lucky number three Three, like seven, is a "magic" number. It's the power number of the Snake and also very influential in Year of the Horse. Three is creative and expressive, a number of nature, growth and development. Often relating to colors green, red, orange or purple, it facilitates the flow of energy for optimal balance of mind, body and soul.
Three represents triples, triads, triptychs, triangles and trinities. According to Pythagoras, it's the noblest of all numbers. This number is intuitive, but also ruled by the planet Mars, bolstering the fiery attributes of the Horse year and promoting passion, activity and success.

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Despite its association with Mars, three exudes Feminine qualities and can be lucky for women seeking strength and courage, and to call forth the warrior spirit. In magic, three helps to contain and channel spiritual energy.
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lucky number eight Eight can be a very powerful number. In Eastern culture it's considered especially lucky. In the Chinese calendar, we are currently in period 8, which lasts from 2004 to 2024, so while eight rules 2015, it has some influence throughout this year as well.

Eight is a number of success in business, productivity, goal realization and manifestation of desires. Eight can represent cycles of life or achievement, and also relates to continuance, infinity and a consciousness beyond that of gods and nature. It's associated with the planet Uranus, masculine qualities and a high sex drive.

Eight is not a giver of free gifts, and expects some hard work in return for bounty. This number awakens the mind to opportunities, and thrives on perseverance and determination.

Eight has no beginning or end, thus is whole in itself, following its own path but aware of the overall flow. In meditation, eight attunes to the sky and opens divine portals of higher consciousness. Eight relates to colors of sky blue, off-white, earth browns and purple. Eight is strongest in 2015, and you'll start to feel more of its effects around September 2014.

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