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Pisces the Fish

Year of the Yin Green Wood Sheep 2015-16

February 19 2015 - February 7 2016
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It can be an enlightening time for Pisces the Fish, as your creative energy sparkles and you discover new intriguing things about the world and yourself. The Year of the Yin Wood Sheep is an era of soul searching, art and expression, music and romance, dreams and subconscious desires. Your psychic talents sparkle. Grounding improves and a steady progressive pace prevails. You have the freedom to explore, learn and grow.

Your corresponding Eastern zodiac sign is the Rabbit (not necessarily the sign you were born under). In Chinese astrology Rabbit is an ally of the Sheep. Overall, Pisces can maintain a harmonious sense of rhythm and cultivate ongoing blessings of beauty and abundance.
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For some Pisces, however, it could be a tumultuous year, as emotions rule and passions are quick to flare. Your center of balance is easily tipped and you could drop into an abyss of negative thinking, or conversely tra la la through life in complete denial that anything is wrong at all.

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Fix problems as they arise. Do not hesitate. This year promotes miraculous growth but there's always a reverse truth, and small issues can just as miraculously burgeon into bigger ones. Nonetheless Pisces can enjoy a happy year as external pressures ease up in general. It's a wonderful world, and your inner child wants to play. Creativity blossoms and love is in the air.

You can move through different social spheres or life transitions with ease. The boundaries of perception are hazy and open to interpretation. In dreams, meditation or other metaphysical journeys you may find that concepts of past, present and future can fluctuate and shift.

The north part of your home or workplace is very lucky this year. It's blessed with three fortunate Feng Shui Flying Stars, #6 (NE) #8 (N) and #4 (NW). Respectively, these are the areas of Spiritual Growth; Life Path & Career; and Friends, Helpful People & Travel. You can see some strong developments in these regions of your life this year, as well as Health, which is ruled by Victory Star #1 in the East. See also: Feng Shui Flying Stars 2015-16.

Pisces Love in the Year of the Sheep Pisces Love

Pisces could easily fall head over heels in love in a Sheep year, as a dreamy romantic energy prevails and passions run deep. You may not be the only sign struck with moon madness but could be one of the most dramatic. Some frustrations in love will occur, due to the emotional nature of the zodiac Sheep, and these can wreak havoc on sensitive Pisceans. Moods may be changeable, and tempers quick to flare. At the same time, you have the power to create true beauty.

With this depth of passion, intimacy can be fantastic. Pisces is a thoughtful, romantic lover with a simmering sensuality. This sign is sensitive to a partner's needs and is also blessed with a rich imagination. Even the most prudish Pisces is wont to indulge in some delightfully naughty thoughts, and sex is a cosmic journey of the senses through the realm of infinite possibilities.

If you're single, you have a good chance of connecting with someone special this magical year. The lines of communication are open and blessings of love shine around you. The less you look, the more you see. Despite a calm veneer this year is filled with paradox and opposites. You may meet people who seem wrong for you, yet you can't deny an amazing attraction - or vice versa. This is a good time to delve into your emotions and deeper drives.

This is a Year of Love, but Pisces relationships could go either way. Balance is good, love grows stronger, new developments appear, such as home improvements, children or romantic getaways for two. Harmony and happiness reign. Problems are most likely due to a buildup of pressure caused by poor communication or self-centered thinking. A partnership with someone who is ego-driven can be difficult. While supportive of your partner you need to feel that you are supported back, otherwise your foundation gets shaky and won't take much to collapse. Watch out for cycles of pessimism. The Love energy you send out comes back to you multifold.

If seeking your soulmate, you could encounter this person in a place of nature or nurture such as an outdoor event, fresh food market, garden or park. This person will be intrigued by your dreamy depths. You can attract blessings of love and romance with white or transparent quartz, which will open and clear the channels of consciousness. White can also be lucky for love this year.

Best months for love: April, May, July, Jan 2016
Least favorable months for love: August, October

Pisces Money in the Year of the Sheep Pisces Money

Money for Pisces can be fortunate in a Sheep year. Income is steadier than in the previous Year of the Horse 2014-15, and you can find numerous opportunities to advance in your job or career. Lucky number eight (8) works in your favor. You get ahead with intuitive thinking combined with clear solid facts. Take nothing for granted this year, and be sure to do your own research into money matters and investments before trusting the say-so of others.

While Pisces has a reputation for being overly generous and prone to impulse spending, natives of this sign are remarkably astute about money. Dreamer that you are, you also have an excellent sense of strategy combined with the intrinsic ability to go with the flow, which gives you a strong advantage in the financial arena. Some Pisces have better skills than others, but these can also be learned. Generally speaking this sign is blessed with the money management abilities needed to succeed in 2015-16.

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Your deeper perception is keen, and you have an eye for opportunities that others may miss. It's important, in fact necessary, to set goals this year, as the Sheep brings daydreams and distractions by the dozen. It's easy to wander off the path and get lost in a world of whimsical wildflowers and cute animal friends like a fairy tale princess in Wonderland. So, you may need to apply a little extra discipline and focus. Money comes most readily if you're doing work you love. If you don't enjoy your work, it's a good year to address the behavior patterns that put you here, and cultivate positive changes.

The secret to success is simplicity itself. Avoid overthinking. Keep a basic loose plan of action that can be amended as needed. You always have the ability to bring in a good income. Take advantage of the Wood Sheep's stabilizing, steadily progressive influence and avoid money decisions based on emotion.

To attract wealth, a golden Money Buddha is fortunate. Money Buddha with his ample belly represents abundance and promotes prosperity thinking, welcoming wealth with a beaming smile. Place the Money Buddha in the North center space of your home or workplace. Welcome prosperity into your abode. You could also put a Wealth Vase here to help money accumulate and grow. For Pisces, Arrowana fishes can be lucky as well.

Best months for money: March, June, December, Jan 2016
Least favorable months for money: August, November

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Pisces Health in the Year of the Sheep Pisces Health

Pisces could be prone to disorders of the mouth, throat, pancreas and liver this year. You may be particularly sensitive to allergens, vibrations or subtle changes in the air. Health problems may be particularly linked to the emotions.

Beware of a buildup of small health problems or repeating cycles of unhealthy behavior. Health issues are most likely in summer and early fall, coinciding with Chiron retrograde in Pisces. This small planet also governs life lessons, spiritual journeys and wholeness. Illness can be your body's way of asking you to slow down, clear blocked energy channels, make lifestyle or personal changes.

Overall you have a good sense of holistic balance. Avoid too much caffeine or energy drinks if possible and cultivate a natural flow of energy. Exercise you might enjoy this year includes sailing, water sports in general, gardening, t'ai chi, dance aerobics, power walking. Get into a habit of full body stretching every day for healthy circulation.

Lucky colors for Pisces health and happiness include burgundy, deep purple, indigo, navy blue, cobalt blue, cyan, light green, meadow green, sage green, pink, deep red tones, earth orange hues, pastel yellow, pastel orange, bronze. Metals such as copper, gold or brass can help dispel sickness Qi especially when placed in the East or Health area of your home. Bells of these metals or wind chimes can frighten bad spirits away.

Best months for health & happiness: April, May, September, December
Least favorable months for health & happiness: June, July

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Keep a regular pace and an objective perspective. You may have a few starts and stops this year but that's okay. Take time to resolve issues of the past or present that may hold you back. Save money but don't deprive yourself. At times it may seem you're on the wrong path, but have faith. You're exactly where you're supposed to be. Take it easy, and open your heart to beauty in the wondrous Year of the Sheep.

Planets in Pisces in the Year of the Sheep Planets in Pisces this Year

  • Until Mar 30 2025: Neptune (spirituality, dreams, idealism, imagination, illusion) retrograde Jun 12 2015 - Nov 18 2015 (problems: grounding, concept of reality, logic, addiction)
  • Until Apr 17 2018: Chiron (health, life lessons, spiritual journeys, wholeness) retrograde Jun 24 2015 - Nov 28 2015 (problems: health, spiritual growth, balance)
  • Jan 12 2015 - Feb 20 2015: Mars (power, sexual vigor, ambition, motivation)
  • Jan 27 2015 - Feb 20 2015: Venus (love, beauty, truth, grace)
  • Mar 13 2015 - Mar 31 2015: Mercury (communication, expression, intellect, commerce)

Sun Sign Horoscopes for the Year of the Sheep 2015-16:
Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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